Association Websites

Your community or association website is an important tool for visibility, information, collaboration, interaction and promotion.

Experts of your field, members and potential future members of your association should be attracted to visit this website for gathering up-to date information, getting support, and sharing knowledge and know-how in various forms and interactive ways.

The website can of course be customised to your special needs and offers a wide range of features, such as

  • professional reports
  • scientific articles
  • news
  • event previews
  • information about your Association's major aims
  • membership information
  • membersĀ“ section only
  • discussion forums
  • live chats
  • comments on scientific articles

In short:

Your Association website is a flexible and very lively means of building,
maintaining and growing a professional community.


Spreading Knowledge

The dissemination of know-how is supported by new ways of community building.
Far from the "traditional" way of displaying information on the web in the form of articles and images for visitors to view,
modern Association websites can offer discussion forums for special interest groups, webinars and other online events, but also online educational courses on up-to date topics in your field.

Continuing Professional Education for young scientists and practitioners as well as experienced experts alike can be provided and will thus make an association membership even more attractive.