Conferences, Meetings, Cooperation & Knowledge Sharing


Know-how is the competitive advantage of professional communities.

Collective know-how is based on the sum of all individual knowledge of human expert members. Thus, knowledge needs to be shared. There are different ways of knowledge sharing, one is congress and meetings.

But nowadays, there are many other ways.

Here GLOBIT would like to offer its services.


Conferences and Meetings

Managing know-how requires capturing of expertise and knowledge in digital forms of content called knowledge resources. Our products and services support this capturing as an essential means of establishing a valuable pool of raw material to be managed as immaterial economic assets.

Knowledge Sharing

GLOBIT supports you in capturing and managing your know-how digitally by providing products and services for the harvesting of digital forms of captured expertise as well as the refining of captured expertise into high quality professional content. 

GLOBIT manages, maintains, preserves and finally provides your know-how properly archived  in digital libraries, multi-media archives and in collections of training material in educational content databases.



Community Websites & Knowledge Production

Other GLOBIT solutions: 

Publishing & Archival


Information & Education