Publishing & Archival

An important step in going beyond community websites and towards meeting support is GLOBIT’s services for conference portals supporting professional communities in becoming professionally collaborating organisations.

This includes all handling and publishing of meeting and event information from small and medium-sized workshops to large congresses enabling complete application solutions including web-based information and publication services for delegates, authors, and speakers.



Our services include standard features like

  • event information
  • abstract submission handling
  • abstract reviewing
  • e- and print-publishing of programmes
  • proceedings

but also more advanced features such as

  • capturing of presentations
  • abstracts
  • materials 
  • meta-data,
    including classifications and other semantic information


GLOBIT’s set of electronic publication services can easily be extended by online digital library components and services supporting publication, registration and legal deposit of valuable documents.
Furthermore, the underlying digital archive supports long term archival and digital preservation of documents and their supplementary material which is ingested, managed, archived, preserved and made available for accessing them now and in the future as valuable digital assets.

Apart from document libraries and digital preservation support, GLOBIT’s web-based multimedia archive offers all aspects of storing, managing, accessing, adapting, disseminating and playing-out of interactive and streaming multimedia.

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